The ELD Mandate is here!


The Electronic Logging Device Mandate is here. Don’t wait for the compliance deadline to hit! Lower your risk, increase productivity, and save money today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Electronic Logging Device Mandate

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Electronic Logging Device (ELD) ruling is here. The mandate applies to over three million drivers, and it is crucial that you understand how it will impact you and your business. An Electronic Logging Device is a piece of hardware used to electronically and automatically collect Record of Duty Status (RODS) information needed for Hours of Service requirement compliance. This replaces conventional paper log books that have to be filled out manually. The Electronic Logging Device Mandate includes both technical and performance specifications that clarify exactly what an Electronic Logging Device must do. These requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Connect to a truck’s engine to record motion.
  • Allow the driver to login/logout.
  • Allow a driver to select On-duty, Off-duty, or On-Duty Not Driving.
  • Determine drive segments based on vehicle movement.
  • Display R.O.D.S. in a graphic interface.
  • Standardized data formatting.
  • Be capable of transmitting data to law enforcement in specifically defined ways.
  • Be certified by a vendor stating the device meets technical specifications.
  • Be listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website with an accepted registration number.

For over 20 years, there have been efforts to create regulations on the implementation of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). They nearly reached a ruling In 2010, with the Electronic Onboard Recorder standard 395.16. Due to preliminary concerns of driver harassment and violation of privacy, the ruling was abandoned by the Courts. The FMCSA finally issued its ruling on Electronic Logging Devices in December 2015. With few exceptions, all trucking companies, regardless of size, must use Electronic Logging Devices, effective December 2017.

What is the Purpose of the Mandate?

The central purpose of the Electronic Logging Device Mandate is to reduce driver-related crashes by ensuring less violations and higher safety compliance. Studies show that vehicles using Electronic Logging Devices have significantly lower accident rates than those without recorders. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates that the Electronic Logging Device Mandate will apply to nearly 3 million vehicles and nearly 3.5 million drivers and employees. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration research estimates the prevention of 20 fatalities and an additional 430 injuries per year. That’s an annual savings of approximately $395 million in safety benefits.

When is it Happening?

The Electronic Logging Device mandate is already in effect. The ruling has been passed and the vast majority of motor carriers must comply by December 2017, or risk being placed out of service for noncompliance.

When Must I Comply?

That means, if applicable to you, you must have a compliant Electronic Logging Device installed on your vehicle(s) by the December 2017 deadline.

When do I Have to Apply?

The mandate is already in effect and you must comply no later than December 2017. Why wait until the deadline to comply? You can contact us to get an Electronic Logging Device.

Does the Mandate Apply to me?

      Yes! If the following statements apply to you:

  • I am required to maintain Records of Duty Status.
  • I am not currently using an Automatic On-Board Recording Device.

It doesn’t matter how big your fleet is, whether it’s one truck (bus) or one hundred, the vast majority of trucking and bus companies are required by law to adhere to the Electronic Logging Device regulations. Any driver that previously had to keep paper logs (Record of Duty Status) will have to keep up with the ELD Mandate.